Putting Passion back In Your Marriage!

Let's Go Back To The Beginning When You First Fell In Love.

Remember when you two fell in Love , you remember those wonderful Loving feelings you both had?  That wonderful Euphoric feeling was so strong you couldn't think of anything else.   You Felt Free! and so In Love!  You could relax and be yourself. You adored one another.  Everything was Light, Fun, Easy and plenty of Laughter.  You talked about everything and nothing for hours, and hours and when you were apart you counted the minutes till you could be together.

But now things seem to have changed.  You pass each other in the hall without saying a word.  You can't find much to talk about  and you don't have much in common anymore.  You might say you feel more like Roommates than Lovers.  Starving for their Loving Passion.

You may think the Passion is gone for good, or that it's too late, but believe me I know it's possible to bring it back again.  There's a step by step Proven strategy that re-ignites the hearts of many couples. 

I've been there, where there was lack of passion in my marriage.  Intimacy was gone.  Silence or making each other wrong was our daily past time.  We started seeing a marriage Counselor.  It was the only day we spent together, and all we did was fight.  One day when we were with our counselor we found ourselves getting nowhere.  Our marriage counselor said "You know we've been working so long on this, it is perfectly clear that there is no other solution than Divorce"          I stopped! My ears rung and my heart felt like it hit the ground and I ached all over.                           I loved him!  I Just couldn't stand him, but I loved him.  I hurt so bad.   I struggled to find my way to the car.  For months we didn't speak and during that time I spent hours doing research.  There had to be something that we could do to find our love again.   

Through much research and long hours of study,  asking couples who had found "it".  I found Techniques to try, some worked and some not so well.  But, within a few months we found some things that began to turn our feelings around.  Through all of our trying we didn't just communicate better, or negotiate better.  We fell in love again and found passion and became sweethearts again.  

Just Imagine!

  1. Not having to dredge up the past
  2. No more communication workshops (getting along like roommates)
  3. No more holding a stick to be the person to talk
  4. No more contention, fighting and bickering

Find yourselves 

  1. Love Birds
  2. People telling you to "Get a room"
  3. Discovering That  "Can eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars over the fence world series kind of Love." (Taken From the movie "It takes two")
  4. Or better yet..People see you two and think you're Newlyweds!

This probably isn't for you, if you have all the love and Passion you desire in your marriage... Those wonderful blissful, feelings you feel all day and all night. You wake up in each others arms and enjoy your time with each other. 

  But, if you have an okay marriage or you're hungry for that Passionate Connecting kind of Love in your Marriage then this is for you. This book is easily read in 15 minutes.  It's not a learning and study kind of book ...

"It's a Soften Your Heart & Change Your Feelings Kind of Book".

 Let's get started today!          

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Corkie Mann