Loving Marriage


Families are the cornerstone of daily living.  Some are close knit and can’t image living without each other, some families get along but are not closely connected and then other families are estranged sometime years at a time.

There are many reasons that families don’t have that close tie connection.

What are the cycles?  Is your family connection what you want?


Loving Marriage

I love to be creative, when I paint I…

Painting orange cave

I painted this when I lived in the desert of South Utah.   It seems I’m influenced to paint the paintings to look like my surroundings.  This gives me so much freedom, and the feeling of creativity brings me my good fortune!

Loving Marriage



3 Steps to living a happy Marriage 

I have been inspired to help Empower Families, with love and compassion for one another. How?  By keeping your vows and commitments you’ve made to each other on your Wedding Day.  When you were married you made vows, to Love, Honor, and Cherish.   

(Important Clause ……(Abuse is not acceptable physical, mental, Drugs, Porn or alcohol )

Here’s how easy it these 3 steps are  

1.   Love: love is Unconditional. You love for better or Worse.  Hold one another, be thoughtful, unselfish.  Love your spouse for the way they where when you were married and also for the way they are today.

2.   Honor:  Respect one another, support their desires (as long as they’re legal moral and ethical) Don’t need to tell your friends about your disagreements, or mishaps.

3.   Cherish:  Put them on a pedestal, where they were when you were first married.    

Do this for your family.  Your children are affected by your decisions, and choices you make.  Thoughtfulness, kindness, and gentle touch is the life blood of your marriage.  Facts are that you have a less of a chance of making it work in a second marriage than keeping this one and making it work with both parents for your children.  Let go, of your fears.  Let go of your hurts.  Let go of your Ego, and just forgive and love your spouse as you did during your courtship. 

Loving Marriage

Wedding Vows!

happy couple black
To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish…

Did you say something like this on your wedding day?  Is that warm and fuzzy feeling distinctly missing right now?  Is this a distant memory?  What if there were some amazing tips that can get that amazing wedding day glow back?


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