Magazine Article

Magazine Article

10 Minutes a Day = SUCCESS!

Have you ever wondered why some people get everything they want, and everything they touch turns to gold.

Have you ever thought about YOUR wants YOUR desires YOUR goals YOUR dreams?  Have you ever pondered about why some can make it happen, and others don’t?

Today I’m going to explain to you where the difference lies.

It’s called Passion, Passion is the rocket fuel that ignites your thoughts. You see, everything has to be thought of before it’s created, it just doesn’t appear, it has to be a thought first and it has to have fuel…The passion behind it.

Everything that we have … a phone, a car, a microwave, your home, even paper towels first had to be a thought.

And then passion drove that thought into reality,

Like Thomas Edison when he invented the metal filaments for the light bulb, he was passionate about it or he wouldn’t have kept trying over 1000 times. Some young people think the light bulb has just always been here, ask any child and they will tell you that the computer just is, and it’s always been here, but it had to be a thought first then a drawing or replica, and then passion, desire, and love into the invention and “Whalla” there it is!

Even animals have this God-given tenacity within them. Years ago I remember waking up one cold Spring morning to a pounding noise coming from outside. We lived on a small farm, and my expectant mare “Magic” was running back and forth.  I could hear her galloping and she was whinnying loudly.

I went outside and noticed that her large belly was no longer there and as soon as she saw me she took off towards the back fence. So I threw my shoes on and my jacket and I ran outside.   I discovered that her foal was on the other side of the barbed wire fence, how she got there I will never know.  Magic had tenacity, extreme passion, and desire to save her baby.  She knew she couldn’t get to her foal, but she knew if she made enough noise I would come and help her.

That’s the kind of passion I’m talking about, to run back and forth, and make a lot of noise, until someone hears you and sees your passion, and then you will receive your hearts desires. As soon as I cut the fence the foal was on her feet and nursing. What a wonderful moment.

We have this innate passion within us all, we’ve just gotten knocked down so many doggone times, not realizing that if we would have just picked ourselves up one more time, dusted ourselves off and took another step, we just might find what we’re looking for.  Those people that we call “lucky”, most of the time we don’t see the painstaking actions, the tenacity, and all the struggles that they do in order to become  “lucky”.  When someone tries to steal your dream,  Are you going to just roll over and let them or are you going to be one of the “lucky ones” and keep going?

I found this saying in one of my favorite books,

And all things, whatsoever ye shall Ask in Prayer, Believing, ye shall ReceiveDoes he say “some things”? He said ALL things. There are more than three other places in this book that tell us the same thing.

Most of us get the Prayer or Asking part down, “I’d like this” or “Wow it would be wonderful to have that”, or “Mmmm that’s a pretty car”,  “I would love to have that home”. Most of us can be gracious in receiving gifts, so the Receiving part we can also do. It’s the middle part we have a hard time with.   “Believe”.  Trust. Faith. Excitement. Passion.

To create what you want, you must believe that you received it, or that you know it’s in the midst of creation.  Isn’t this what we just read? Believe and ye shall receive it. Is this a lie? It may seem like it, because you believe that you already have received it, before you actually get it.  Bill Gates looked at the impossible, but he had a desire to create Microsoft windows, and he had passion, desire, and he didn’t give up.  At first, was this a lie? Sure, but he knew he wasn’t going to give up until he did it.  He knew it had never been done before, and to anyone else it was impossible.  Same with Henry Ford, he wanted the V8 engine, and he hired people smarter than himself and expected them to achieve it.  He passionately believed it, and for 2 years his team continued to tell him that it was impossible to make the V8 engine, but the history books say “by a stroke of luck they invented it”. Could you imagine working for someone who would not take “no” for an answer, and you came to work for 729 days to work on something that you knew wasn’t going to happen? And on the 730th day, they created the impossible.    Henry Ford, had tenacity, desire, and passion, and he must have had patience too. Was it a lie? Sure it was, it was impossible!  The entire team agreed it was impossible for 729 days.  But, did they create it? Yes! So then did Henry Ford believe in a lie?

Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and desires and breathe life into them with your passion and watch it happen.


Answer the questions to yourself below:

Are you everything you want to be?

Do you live the life you want?

What do you want?

What is the life you want?

Spend 10 Minutes a Day “Breathing” Passion into Your Soul’s Desires.


Are you as Healthy as You Would like to Be?

Some say If you have a million dollars and you are unhealthy you have nothing.  Is that true for you? Go to:  www. (I’ll have it for you)  And find a self-evaluation form for you to download and see what health/illness category you are in.

What’s your why? Knowing your “Why” is so valuable!…Why do you have a desire? What makes you want to work harder? Is it for your family? for yourself? to help many?  Create a Dove center, or feed the Hungry?


You have this power to Create Your World anyway you want.

What are You Waiting For?

Being Broke is Hard

Being Wealthy is Hard …Choose Your HARD.


Let that Creative Power within you

Breathe Passion into your Desires

and allow them to become a Reality.






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